My Cherry Pie Disaster

I love pie, I love everything about them. love making them,  love looking at them, (because staring at pies is totally normal) and of course I love EATING them. I also think my fascination comes from my love of Waitress and movie and musical
I must say my pie baking experience isn’t very extensive… YET! As of now it is almost non existent. Basically I have baked various types of apple big. Big, small, with three different types of apples, with all sorts of different spices, with carmel, with a tradition crust or a no traditional crust etc. My problem is all my experimenting is been with apple pie.

Anyway I had/have a want, no need to extend my pie baking experience. So I went on a pie exploration, going from site to site dreaming of all the pies out there in the world for me to make. I just had to chose one. I was the poster child for a kid in a candy shop. 


I ended up after weeks of drooling on my computer screen chosen to start off my pie SOMETHING with  a cherry pie. I was so excited, something seemed so wholesome and idyllic about a cherry pie.

I wanted to bake it while wearing a cute 60s dress one of those half aprons you see house wife’s in that don’t actually do anything for a messy cooker like me, some pearls like Julia Child, and I wanted a little ledge outside my window where I could set my pie on to cool down.
Anyway I had this whole fantasy in my brain about cooking my cherry pie, how it would look like, how it would be baking it, and how it would taste. It was all supposed to be perfect.
The day came for me to bake my cherry pie I had the ingredients, the time, and stomach cramps. My hair was a disaster, and I was wearing sweats and my huge Portlandia t-shirt, so the whole baking fantasy was a bust. And of course, (actually to my surprise )the pie also a bust.
I am putting the awfulness of the pie to the fact that this was my first time actually cooking with cherries, or maybe I just don’t like cherrie pie. Though I am almost certain it’s the latter.
Either way to me and my father who I have made my official genie pig , thought it was awful. The cherry part of the pie tasted like kombucha and sweaty mushrooms. Not exactly what I was going for. Of course that dashed all my dreams of cherry pie. But I am still going to processed forward in my pie exposition.

Next Week I am hoping to tackle a Butterscotch Vanilla Pear Pie –  Style Sweet CA

Keeping my fingers crossed this turns out.


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